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Carriere Appliance

Carriere Appliance
Carriere Appliance

This appliance is a nice adjunct prior to braces or Aligner therapy.

Most Class II relationships are due to a mandibular retrusion and in those cases growth appliances are generally used to advance the mandible. However, when there is a Class I skeletal relationship with a blocked out cuspid – or a Class II molar/canine relationship, the carriere appliance has shown to be very effective to gain a Class I dental relationship in a very short time frame.

The advantages are you use it early in treatment when patients are most cooperative. It can be activated 24 hours a day and patients are not self-conscious as they may be with a headgear.

This is a patient with a blocked out cuspid on his left side. I did not want to extract in this patient due to his skeletal growth pattern, profile, nasiolabial angle, etc. It took less than 10 weeks to gain the space needed for this cuspid.


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