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Herbst Appliance

Herbst Appliance
Herbst Appliance

What is a Herbst appliance? A herbst appliance is a Class II corrector for mandibular retrusions. It has been studied more than any other class II corrector. It has evolved over the years and I have used almost all variations. I love it because it allows me to treat fairly severe Class II skeletal retrusions that used to require surgery or extractions of upper premolars when the problem is a retrusive mandible. The herbst appliance can be placed at the start of treatment and generally remains in place the first 12 to 14 months of a typical 24 month treatment.

In the patient above with such an obtuse lip to nose angle and deep bite, extractions to correct her overjet would have been devastating. Advancing her mandible with a herbst during growth is ideal.


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