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Impacted Cuspids

Impacted Cuspids

Impacted cuspids are a frequent problem that orthodontists see.  The upper cuspid is the second most common impacted tooth. Third molars or wisdom teeth are the most common impacted tooth. Often, the correction of an impacted cuspid requires a surgical exposure by a maxillofacial surgeon and lengthy treatment time to bring the impacted tooth into alignment. Frequently, the adjacent teeth (especially the lateral incisor) may suffer damage to the root as the impacted cuspid is being moved into the arch.  Bone loss and gingival recession are common occurrences around the impacted tooth.

If the impacted tooth is treated early- it is possible to lessen the severity of the impaction by extracting the deciduous (baby) cuspids and expansion of the upper arch.  This can improve the eruption of the impacted cuspid which could reduce the length of orthodontic treatment lessen the chance of root and tissue damage. It is important that your family dentist recognize impacted cuspids early.

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