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Invisalign and Clear Correct Pearls

Invisalign and Clear Correct Pearls
Invisalign and Clear Correct Pearls

  1. 1.Use attachments to your advantage- I place attachments on any rotated tooth and almost all lateral incisors. The upper lateral incisors are one of the hardest teeth to track so I add an attachment to most upper laterals.
  2. 2.When presenting a case to a patient change the color of the attachments to match the tooth color during the presentation. Do not use the blue color- it is confusing for the patient.
  3. 3.Give patients an emery board and show them how to smooth rough edges to cut down on emergencies.
  4. In deep bite patients with a deeper curve of Spee I like attachments on the lower premolars and overerupt .25 mm
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