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Xyilitol and orthodontic patients

Xyilitol and orthodontic patients


Having your patients add xyilitol can really benefit their oral health. Many studies have shown that xyilitol helps prevent tooth decay. It has been shown that xyilitol can reduce harmful bacteria from 30-70%.

Xyilitol is a naturally occurring alcohol. It is used as a sweetener in many products. It starves the plague producing bacteria ( esp. strep muatans).

For patients with implants or with braces it is a tremendous tool. Patients need 5 grams/day to be effective. We advise spry mints, or gum. It is also available in toothpaste and mouthwash. Having orthodontic patients chew mints or gum as well as using a mouthwash can help prevent white spots during orthodontic treatment.

Warning- it is harmful to dogs.

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